Trump And His Wall – Simplified

Ever since Donald Trump ran for the US elections, won and now became the 45th President of the United States, more and more memes have been generated – either for or against him. He's known for being blatant, one who speaks and tweets his mind with no restrictions, and have dropped intense statements and promises. Recently, most if not all airports in the US have been bombarded with demonstrations for his Executive Order on travel ban from major Muslim countries. And the other famous promise he made is building the wall between the US and Mexico – to keep undocumented people from entering. Can this really solve or help decrease violence and crime rate in the country (as said to be usually caused by illegal immigrants, with guns mostly coming from Mexico), or do you feel it is dividing the culture and people of America? So much has been said, points taken but this cartoon from S4RK is the best illustration, so far. What are your thoughts?

Created by S4RK over on Well done.

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