This Might Be The Worst Order Fail Of All Time

A 24-year-old engineer Aaron Gander ordered a laptop on Amazon, amounting to £2,400. However when the package came, he felt uneasy because of three things: it was lighter than he expected, no invoice or any document with the order details and no Amazon print on the box.

He said: ‘When I inspected the delivery address label, I could see that it had been tampered with. ‘I think it had been peeled off the correct box, along with the tracking label, and placed onto the phony box that I received.’

‘I opened it and there was just this mop. I was gutted and completely shocked. I wouldn’t even use a mop.’


He called Amazon customer service however he was instructed to report it to the police, which in turn advised him that it's Amazon that should be blamed.

‘I went online and it looks like this has happened to a lot of other people. In their case it may only have been for £20 or £30, but it’s still not fair.’

‘It put me in a situation where everyone shut the door in my face. The bank wouldn’t help me, the police wouldn’t help me and Amazon initially wouldn’t help me. ‘I’m glad they saw sense.’

The company has now agreed to refund him after he sent the mop back to Amazon HQ – but he has warned people to keep an eye out for tampered goods.