This Canadian Bar Draws Flak After Photo Of A Poorly Poured Guinness

The owner of Canada's Railtown Café’ stated that their photo of an overflowing drink with foam oozing down the glass was meant to be artsy. However, it provoked the entire country of Ireland (the home of the said brew), who was then celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Take a look of the viral photo:

It ultimately drew ire from Guinness lovers worldwide.

Even the mainstream media had their word:


Good thing the cafe was quick to issue an apology:

“It was coming out of a can. It was frothing over the tip… instead of cascading up to have a nice proper head like Guinness is supposed to, it was a mess. We really annoyed an entire country. We actually do know how to pour a Guinness. It was a mistake and we take full responsibility for it.”