The World’s 5 Most Expensive Weddings

On average a wedding runs a bill of a few thousand, or about 30,000 in dollars and 20,000 in pounds. Couples that would like to have something more than average would perhaps be willing to part with a couple f thousands more. It is after all an occasion that happens (hopefully) once in a lifetime. There are those however, that are willing to spend millions just for a wedding.

  1. Charles and Diana

Decades after this much watched event and even after the marriage fell apart, the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer remains to be the most expensive wedding of all time. The $ 48 million (adjusted to $110 million according to inflation rates) celebration included 3500 audience at the ceremony, 120 at the reception, 120 for a family breakfast, 27 wedding cakes and a televised coverage for about 750 million people worldwide.



  1. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makotum and Princess Salama

This 1981 wedding fit for royalty required the construction of a stadium from scratch to accommodate the 20,000 guests. Back in the day the wedding costs were estimated at $45 million but translate to about $100 million with fluctuation rates today.

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  1. Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

No doubt that India’s richest man would throw a lavish wedding for his daughter Vanisha Mittal married banker Amit Bhatia in Versailles. The destination wedding celebration which included chefs flown in from India and a performance by Kylie Minogue at the reception cost $78 million.



  1. Prince William and Kate Middleton

Following in the footsteps of his parents, Prince William had a much anticipated and publicized wedding that was watched around the globe. With 1,900 people at the ceremony, 600 at a luncheon hosted by the Queen and 300 for a dinner hosted by the Prince of Wales, plus a $400,000 wedding gown, $80,000 wedding cake and $800,000 worth of flowers the bill rang up to $34 million.

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  1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

With both her weddings making the list celebrity and socialite Kim Kardashian’s union to rapper Kanye West bagged a bigger price tag. Celebrating in Italy and France over an entire weekend with a custom Givenchy gown, flowers worth $75,000, accommodations, transportation and all the total cost of the wedding was about $20-30 million.

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