The Face of Internet in Early 2000s : Let’s Take A Walk Down the Memory Lane

The evolution of the Internet has come a long way. Before sleek laptops, handy tablets, LTE, and smartphones the technology that connected us to the internet wouldn't look out of place on the Antiques Road Show these days. Take a trip with us down a technological memory lane…

1. Before LCD monitor and DVDs, CRT monitors and floppy drives were the trend and this was the kind of set-up to connect to the internet.

2. Before WiFi, this kind of phone was used to connect to dial-up internet.

Cookie_cutter / Getty Images

3. The sound of the dial-up internet was like music to the ears.

4. The downside of dial-up internet. It's either the phone OR internet. Not both at the same time.

5. When installing programs need these.

SchwiftyGameOnPoint / Via

6. Before Google Chrome, there was Netscape Navigator.

Netscape / Via

7. Yahoo's earlier look.


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