Online hysteria after depressing news of hummus shortage

Britain is the highest hummus consumer in the world, with a record 12,000 tonnes of hummus on an annual basis. Reports have been circulating that Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer have been forced to withdraw parts of their ranges from stores due to a “production issue”.

Just when we're spoilt for choice with hummus coming in a range of flavours including onion, lemon and coriander, roasted tomato, red pepper, piri piri, sweet chilli as well as organic, low fat and extra rich versions – then follows a shortage? But WHY?

BBC reported:

Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer were forced to withdraw their hummus following complaints their ranges did not taste as they normally should.

Sainsbury's said it had taken a number of lines off the shelves because of a “production issue” and were investigating.

It was the same problem over at Marks & Spencer which also removed some of its hummus from sale because of a “supplier issue”.

Both supermarkets reassured customers that the problem with their hummus was not a food safety problem.

In a statement, Marks & Spencer also said it wanted to let consumers know that its recipe had not changed. Phew.


But people online went enraged with what they call as a ‘national crisis':