#FirstWorldProblems That Really Are Not Problems!

The first world problem is funny full stop! My favourite #FirstWorldProblems from around the net include “I hate when my house is so big that I need two wireless routers” or “My friend doesn’t have an iPhone so I couldn’t text him from my macbook” and perhaps the most famous of all “I think I've put too much water in with my Quinoa.”

The hash tag #FirstWorldProblems has become so popular, chiefly because we recognize that we have whinged about similar trivialities in our own lives. Thankfully most of us who do commit these ‘problems' to social media, do so in the full knowledge that we are being ironic.

Despite #FirstWorldProblems being posed as obviously ironic, they have provided the opportunity for this thought provoking video…

This video was filmed in Haiti by the charity WATERisLIFE, which aims to bring fresh drinking water to some of the poorest areas. Even the Haitians involved in the videos got the joke and understood the humour behind the initial tweets. However it can not be denied that this is a very powerful video that will raise awareness and one would hope, prompt action.

If you'd like to make a donation to WATERisLIFE, you can do so by clicking here!

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