41 Food Truths Only British People Will Understand

1. It’s normal to get very competitive about making sure you get the last Teaser in a Celebrations tub.

2. And there will always be loads of Snickers left.

3. A Greggs pasty will either burn the roof of your mouth or be really cold, and very rarely in between.

4. There is no greater risk than dunking a biscuit in tea for a fraction longer than you should.

5. A chip butty is the ultimate form of double carbing.

6. A Jaffa cake is either a cake or biscuit and you have a strong opinion either way

7. And you know where you stand on the “jam or clotted cream first” debate when it comes to scones.

8. A fish finger sandwich is the best straightforward lunch.

9. There’s no such thing as “too much butter” when it comes to crumpets.

10. You are never too old for a Colin the Caterpillar cake.

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