20 People Who Had Hilarious Technology Fails

If you belong to the ‘millenials' or atleast in the below 40 (okay, 50) age group, you would definitely know the struggles and funny moments in teaching the older generation with the latest advancements in technology. It could either be their computer, new phone or iPads. This list is a collection of those ‘moments' that you can't just help to share with the online community. Have you had the same funny technology fails?

1. My Nana's favorite websites. Such dedication!


2. A loving grandma.

Ben John

3. “Please fix the phone because the outside clock is always showing the wrong time.”


4. My Dad doesn't know how to turn off this front camera heart feature on his phone and he tried to send me a pic of his new stove:


5. My grandmother complained her remote is so confusing, so I grandma-fied it for her


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