18 Nostalgic Things We Did At School

It's always a great feeling to look back and reminisce our primary school years…I remember my one and only tea-stained project… my mother would only let me use one used teabag, so my sheets ended up slightly beige rather than brown. I ended up just crumpling every sheet. But to be honest I regretted mutilating the work: it was a series of diary entries about the plague and the Great Fire of London, and I got really invested in my story and did the whole thing in Gothic calligraphy.

1. Laminated a folder as homework for a class.

2. Or stained a piece of paper with tea and written a letter as some historic figure from the past.

3. Used a blue paper towel to fix every injury possible.

4. Sprayed an inordinate amount of body spray all over your uniform.

5. Got a sugar high off sherbet straws.

6. Felt drunk with power after sitting on the year 6 bench in assembly for the first time.

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