18 Movie Poster Cliches and The Meaning Behind Them

1. The ‘back to back’

Do the main roles have a hate/love relationship and are forced to work together to get the job done? Show them off with backs against each other.

2. ‘One eye’

One eye looking eerily to the public. Probably a horror movie, but human nature will be a theme.

3. ‘Yellow all over’

A bright yellow poster is probably an independent movie but with mainstream enough script so it is accessible for the main public

4. ‘Floating heads’

Big heads over small people, the beach or a desert. Silhouette at the ocean and pastel colours, bring your tissues because tears will flow with this emotional drama…

5. ‘Backshot of a loner’

Feel the drama while looking over the shoulder of our hero, he/she is most likely holding a weapon.

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