18 Bad Experiences On Online Shopping

With the modernization of almost everything in our lives, even grocery trips are cut off and replaced with online purchases. Online shopping sounds like a good idea… until you get boots that wouldn't even fit your cat! While it brings less hassle, less effort, less expenses Рthere are still cases where it brings total nightmare. Blame game starts to happen Рfrom the seller, to the courier to the delivery guy and even to your own self for not checking every single detail. Have you experienced ordering an item but ended up with a total opposite? Or how about having the package sent to the wrong address? Check out these online shopping fails:

#1 Even my cat was unhappy, blamed me for not checking dimensions before ordering on Amazon


#2 These hiking boots look a little different than the posted picture online


#3 I ordered black sweat pants but got this instead. Nope, not mad at all.


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