17 Instances That Proved Mums Are Too Honest – And Well, Yes, Mean!

1. The Smart Alec

“My mom was talking to me about my 2-year-old baby sister and she said ‘she’s the smartest kid I’ve ever had’.”

– Submitted by cassidyb488dd7874

2. The Morbid Mum

“My mom has a tendency to be morbid. For instance, after the dog died she changed her passwords from ‘Scruffy1234’ to ‘Scruffyisdead’. Anyway, about a year ago she was boarding a plane to go on vacation and I texted her ‘Have a safe flight!’. She responded with ‘It’s not up to me’ and turned her phone off.”

– Submitted by caitlinm18


3. The Birthday Burn

“My sixteenth birthday cake… I can feel the love.”

– Submitted by gabby

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