17 Husbands Who Prove That Being Married To A Pregnant Woman Is Pretty Damn Funny

I was very fortunate to never have morning sickness, but I always completely lost my appetite for the first couple of months. When I was pregnant with my first, I was SO excited the first day my appetite came back and I called my husband while I was driving home from work to tell him we were getting pizza and that I wanted a thin crust supreme pizza more than anything I'd ever wanted before in my life. So I get home and he goes to pick up the pizza. He gets home and I open my pizza with Christmas-like excitement, and…..it's regular crust, not thin. I literally sat down on the kitchen floor and SOBBED. My husband got so freaked out that he grabbed the box and raced back to Jet's to make them fix it. I wish I could say I became less irrational as my pregnancy progressed, but….probably not. My poor husband.

Anyway, here are 17 husband stories of those preggers moments with their wives:

1. This husband, who was looking forward to a little Netflix and chill:

drumsnstrums / Via instagram.com

2. The husband at the end of this text, who has some shopping to do:

kristin.lavalley / Via instagram.com

3. The husband who better not open this Tupperware:

aised901 / Via instagram.com

4. This husband, who got a cold dose of reality:

5. And the husband whose wife's pregnancy brain trickled down to his lunch:

6. This husband, who just got out of the doghouse:

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