15 Of The Most Interesting Things Posted Online

Day in and day out, the internet never fails to give the people what they want and need. A simple picture can be uploaded online, and if the masses love it, it can snowball in popularity and go insanely viral. The photos in the following list have all gone viral, and it's about time you checked them out!

1. This mystical piece of driftwood that looks like a really chill dragon.

2. “This telephone pole near my parents house is being held up by the wires,” wrote The_Diddly_Dinkster.

3. Now that's a big booty.

4. Ever seen the bottom of a lily pad? You thought it was just a big ole leaf sitting on top of the water, but it's a little crazier.

5. If you've never heard of heterochromia, a condition involving different eye colors, this is the best example I've ever seen.

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