15 Argos Stuff That Made 1985 The Best Christmas Ever

Oh man! Game and Watches. Again, how much would these go for mint on eBay?

Calculators so cool that they were mini-computers. Imagining taking that into school! You’d probably be the KING OF THE SCHOOL.

Let’s zoom in on those calculators oh yes…

Remember this one with the flat keys? So, so cool. Solar powered too.

A synth with built-in tape player. Nik Kershaw probably used this to write The Riddle.

A radio so thin it’s as thin as a credit card. Imagine! You could listen to Radio 1 in Maths and get away with it!

Detachable speakers! How cool is that?

But what hasn’t changed is all the batteries you need for this stuff

Seriously BBC should make the next Doctor Who Christmas special a trip back to 1985 and to Argos. We don’t need Daleks, we need this stuff.