15 Argos Stuff That Made 1985 The Best Christmas Ever

Christmas 1985 was the best year for toys, and we’re going back there now.

Just look at this array of awesome stuff:

Oh man! Your own carrying case for your Vic-20 or C64! How swish! How executive

We fantasised about having a Domino Rally but had to make do with piling up old books and knocking those over instead

Pac Man as a board game – a friend had this, it was crap but we still wanted it

He-man figures! Our mum wouldn’t let us collect these because they were a “waste of money”

Wow – all the A-team kit. Never knew you could get a tent. WANT IT!

Look at the prices on this Star Wars stuff. It probably goes for 100 times that on eBay.

Train sets before John Major nationalised them. Proper British Rail!

All of the Lego Technic stuff before it became a bit rubbishy with the extra pieces

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