12 Adorable Images Of Pups On Their First Day Of Duty

Their ‘vest' is not just a cute outfit – it's their uniform. It informs other humans that the dog is on the job. Remember – despite the urge to reach out to them, you should not pet, feed or talk to the doggies at work. They're doing a serious job that all of us should acknowledge and appreciate.

They actually train these dogs to find drugs that your loved ones may die from. Criminals black or white. Chinese. African, German -whatever race. These dogs also finds bombs from terrorists etc

#1 Tuco Trying On The Vest For The First Time

#2 Guide Dog Puppy With His Teddy Bear

#3 Even The Comfort Puppy Needs Some Comfort

#4 Future Seeing Eye Dog

#5 Trying On Their First Vests

#6 And The Winner For Cutest Service Dog Goes To

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