10 Weird Things Some Neighbors Have Done

1. Had a neighbor who always picked up trash on our street. Great, except dude liked to run the hose over them and hang them up to dry. Bottles, paper, clothes, food, cigarettes, you named it. After drying the stuff out, he’d throw the stuff away. —LederhosenSituation

2. I lived in a rural area for a few years and my next door neighbor showered her son naked in the backyard with a hose, no curtains or anything. That wasn’t the weird part. The weird part is that she did it until he was 13. —EsQuiteMexican

3. I live in Michigan. Most winters we get a lot of snow. The house next door has never had the brightest people living in it. Woke up one day to the fire department parked in the street. Apparently my neighbors thought they could save time shoveling snow by just covering their driveway in gasoline and melting it. They would also burn trash all the time. —BryBry_Bebo

4. My neighbour looked over his fence, looked at me straight in the eyes and said ‘the last time I looked at somebody like this, they died a week later.’ After that he just went back to his business like the conversation never even happened.

I was about 8 when he said this to me! So I spent the next week living in fear. —onefortysevenone

5. Mine sits in his hedge watching my husband and I working (we run a farm) and then he copies what we are doing. He wears camo and thinks we can’t see him! —frenchcaptain

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